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Create better patient outcomes and healthier communities through our total lifecycle real estate and facility solutions for the global healthcare industry.

Healthcare is the intersection where compassion and science meet. From experiencing joy and healing to receiving news that will forever change a patient’s world, the promise of a safe and supportive environment sets the foundation for delivering exceptional care and underpins all that CBRE Healthcare does for our clients. We understand the essential role that the built environment plays in delivering outstanding patient experiences.

CBRE Healthcare views caregiving environments through the lens of the real estate and facility lifecycle. From developing real estate strategies that support the mission and business objectives of health systems to the on-going facility operations of complex healthcare facilities, CBRE Healthcare holds the expertise and experience that builds an advantage for healthcare providers. Our purpose is to partner with clients to create and maintain healing environments that bring about better patient outcomes and healthier communities.

Bringing your Building to Life

Facilities Management

Clinical environments must be managed differently than commercial buildings or other mission-critical spaces. Our suite of bespoke tools, training, and resources reduce unplanned downtime and build highly trained and motivated teams that deliver the lowest risk profile in the industry.

Program and Project Management

Whether new construction or renovation, large hospital campus or medical office building, specialty cancer center or urgent care facility, our dedicated healthcare project managers plan successful projects and guide our clients through every phase of design and construction.

Portfolio Strategy and Location Intelligence

CBRE Healthcare’s unique approach to portfolio optimization assists our clients in identifying the right locations for the right patient services. We identify opportunities and deliver actionable strategies aligned to your business, whether planning for future growth, expanding into new markets, or looking to reduce expenses.

Real Estate Transaction Services

Our advisory experts demonstrate an informed understanding of the factors impacting healthcare systems’ real estate choices. We provide proactive and strategic transaction management solutions for health systems, physicians, and care providers across the country and beyond supported by a deep bench of services, comprehension of Stark compliance and anti-kickback laws, and insights into local markets that translate into advantageous transaction terms for our clients.

Healthcare Leadership