Strategic Advisory


A general concern of companies is to have a commercially viable but flexible real estate portfolio. An efficient, forward-looking and successful real estate strategy is therefore crucial. Our trusted strategic advisory team can identify real estate related opportunities in your business. Our advisory services allow clients to establish full commercial visibility of their property portfolios, delivering trusted advice and, ultimately, establishing coordinated strategies that drive business value while managing risk.

Executing corporate real estate strategy


Thanks to our global network, we are able to offer strategic advisory services to international clients around the world. Our CREM team provides valuable information on our clients’ commercial real estate in strategic advisory projects. Through compiling data on the relevant properties, our team can develop a strategy for optimizing our clients’ building stock. We use the data recorded and the analysis of their portfolios to distinguish between properties that are necessary for operations and those that are not and carry out measures to optimize space. We are also able to develop the right approach for the future orientation of the commercial real estate holdings of our clients.

Optimal real estate portfolio


Our Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM) team advises companies in all real estate related questions and challenges. We provide strategic advice for both real estate portfolios and individualized optimization solutions for the management. Regardless of where our clients’ commercial real estate is located, we bring local market knowledge to support their real estate strategy. We always strive to identify existing potential, such as cost saving potential, and possibilities to align the real estate portfolio and company strategy to optimize our clients’ real estate performance. Moreover, our team can focus on a variety of strategic initiatives to optimize the real estate portfolio. For instance, consolidation possibilities, costs saving potential and investigation of other relevant measures can be examined.