As a globally active real estate service provider, CBRE has years of experience in portfolio management. By taking advantage of CBRE’s services such as portfolio analysis and other portfolio-related tasks, our clients do not only save money, but also avoid risks ensuring they are free to concentrate fully on their core business. The bigger and more complicated the portfolios become, the more difficult it is to maintain transparency, which is why it is increasingly important to have a reliable partner providing professional portfolio management services.

Professional real estate management

CBRE’s Corporate Real Estate Management team knows what it takes to succeed in real estate and portfolio management. Through the expertise of our real estate specialists, a more transparent, coordinated and established real estate portfolio is possible to achieve. An efficient and forward-looking portfolio management practices ensure that no critical dates or other important deadlines are missed. Moreover, with the help of a coordinated and established management practices, a thorough view of the real estate portfolio is achieved quickly. Our portfolio management services support the company’s real estate strategy, drive value and manage risks efficiently.

Transparency through reporting


Our commercial real estate specialists are well-versed in portfolio analysis and reporting and have great capabilities to recognize potential in real estate portfolio and increase the transparency through established reporting practices. With our portfolio management services, our clients achieve transparency and efficiency in their commercial real-estate portfolios – the perfect basis to react fast and support on changing real estate demands of the client’s core business.