Accessibility Analysis


CBRE advises in location strategies as an independent service provider, identifying the most prominent areas for your business functions. Accessibility analysis helps clients to identify the best locations for their operations, employees and customers. Especially in the office market, a business with high quality public transport is vital to attract talent and decrease turnover. Accessibility analysis can be combined to be a part of workplace and/or tenant representation project.

Supporting decision making

The identification and assessment of leases and sites best aligned with the location strategy and requirements of business is possible if applied the results of the Accessibility Analysis. The results of Accessibility Analysis can be utilized as a tool to compare different locations to find the most supreme site for your business. Additionally, Accessibility Analysis enables clients to make an informed decision and integrate the findings of the analysis for their location strategy and relocation projects.

Location and the selected mode of transport

Through the Accessibility Analysis, companies can gain a perspective of which mode of transport their employees are likely to choose for a variety of locations. It is increasingly important to compare different modes of transport as the corporate responsibility goals include reduction targets for CO2 emissions. Companies can affect their Scope 3 CO2 emissions caused by commuting by emphasizing public transport as the primary mode of transport. Based on the findings in Accessibility Analysis, a location with the best fitting profile of commute can be assessed and explored.